Anna Engberg, Photo by Barbara Chamoun

Anna Engberg

Anna Engberg is a producer and Audio Engineer based in Stockholm who has been helping artists and bands to realize their sounds since 2016, specializing in engineering compelling soundscapes through production, recording, mixing and mastering. 

Engberg's productions range between acoustic and electronic genres, the common denominator being her engineering skills and her sense for bringing out the emotional nerve of a piece. 

She started out as a singer and violinist, but turned towards engineering with a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production at SAE Institute, where she was hired to lecture and engineer in Soundtrade Studios. She now gives guest lectures in audio engineering and production both in Sweden and abroad, and is one of the teachers at Vem Kan Bli Producent, a separatist music production program for women, trans-, and non-binary people. 

In 2018, she became the in-house Mastering Engineer for Cherish Label, kicking off her mastering career, where she is now Grammis nominated and sought after for her ability to understand the intention behind a track and showcase its qualities.

Having previously been working solely for other artists, Anna started up her own project, aeng, with the first single released in October 2022. aeng was born from a growing itch to explore musical ideas and sounds that didn’t fit into other projects, creating an outlet both for collaborations and her own songwriting.


Diane Emerita, Body in Distress, Diane Emerita, 2023

aeng, Matchbox, Lightbox, 2022

Diane Emerita, Heavy Yet Tiny, Diane Emerita, 2022

Diane Emerita, To Simply Be, Diane Emerita, 2022

Klara Fjellström, He tells me, if sweetness can win, 2022

Fredrika Rei, Ghost Town, Fredrika Rei, 2022

LIN, Bonnie and Clyde, LIN, 2022

De Pierre, Monicas Sång, Darkness MUSIC, 2022

Den Förbjudna Fruktkolan, Den Förbjudna Fruktkolan, Den Förbjudna Fruktkolan, 2022

Fredrika Rei, 100 Years Old, Fredrika Rei, 2022

Whylemin, Do You Ever Wonder, Whylemin Music, 2022

Daniela Carlberg, Saving Grace, the Serafim, 2021

Sabina Wärme, Du, Klockartorpet, 2021

Daniela Carlberg, As Easy As Breathing, the Serafim, 2021

Daniela Carlberg, Father, the Serafim, 2021

HELH, Really Young Adult, HELH, 2021

Moa Piraten, I väntan på mirakel, Dalen Produktion, 2021

Dreemy, 12/7, Dreemy Productions, 2021

Dreemy, Jaded, Dreemy Productions, 2021

Oskar Den Tredje, Oskar den tredje rappar bara om ensamhet, 1623507 Records DK, 2021

Komfort Zone, Komfort Zone, 2593382 Records DK, 2021

Evelina Eklind, repeating myself, evelina eklind, 2021

HELH, Second Summer, HELH, 2020

Dafne Andas, Crush, Andas, 2020

ALYZA, ART, Critti Records, 2020

Johanna Bakke, Små små ord om ovisshet, Johanna Bakke, 2020


Vera Ek, Inevitable, Vera Ek, 2020

Johanna Bakke, Tyst, Johanna Bakke, 2020

Woodcutter Society, OBH Nordicka, Acidmans Universe, 2020

April June, feelings on the internet, Cherish, 2020

Klara Fjellström, Suite, - , 2020

RO-E, Allures, RåSounds, 2020

Dafne Andas, Växer, Dafne Andas, 2020

Dafne Andas, Smarts, Dafne Andas, 2020

RO-E, Space Flamenco, RåSounds, 2020

Bulgarian Goddess, Borderlands, Bulgarian Goddess, 2020

Konflikten, Tack för att du finns/fanns, Konflikten, 2020

RÅÅ, Sense, - , 2019

Johanna Bakke, Gå i takt, Johanna Bakke, 2019

MALEE, My White Friends, Rey D’Asian, 2019

Emelie Arborén, H20, - , 2019

RO-E, Holes, Lack, Cherish Label, 2019

Anna Grelle, Du ljuger, Grelle Productions, 2019

Isabella Malmqvist, I Decide, - , 2019

Johanna Bakke, Sara Elin, Johanna Bakke, 2019

Dafne Andas, Steg för steg, Dafne Andas, 2019

HEEDS, Vines, - , 2019

Sabina Wärme, Jag tror jag stannar kvar (Officiell VM-låt 2019), ANNA/ANNA RECORDS, 2019

Sindri Runudde, Fiskedansen, - , 2019

Bulgarian Goddess feat euroDYKE, Scent of Softness, -, 2019

RO-E, Man Fatale, Cherish Label, 2019

Lusse, Doubts, Lusse, 2019

Dafne Andas, Vår tid nu, Dafne Andas, 2019

S POUSETTE, 2U, -, 2019

Dafne Andas feat IKAT MEOWSIC, Fyra tillbaka,  Dafne Andas, 2018

Sara Idani, My Choice, Sara Idani, 2018

Dafne Andas, Lika, Dafne Andas, 2018

smolalienbaby, long dreams/sleepless nights, smolalienbaby, 2018

S POUSETTE, 4 A Lifetime, Sofi Pousette, 2018

Jeré, Chocolate Hearts, Char Jeré Johnson, 2018

Johanna Bakke, Till sen (I ditt Stockholm), Johanna Bakke, 2018

Mary Lou, Don’t Drag Me Like That, Mary Lou, 2018

euroDYKE, will-be-breaking-hearts-lphis, Cherish Label, 2018

HELH, Fluid, Cherish Label, 2018

Ester Fox, Are We, LMH RECORDS, 2018

Miss Winter, Miss Winter (Live), Miss Winter, 2018

Lindfors, Sleepless, Lindfors, 2018

Apolo, Live in Stockholm, Joyful Noise Recordings & Apolo, 2018

























Lectures at REACT EU: Digitala Musiklyftet - "Avancerad Logic - Mixning" by Musikerförbundet

Album "Den förbjudna Fruktkolan" was nominated for a Swedish Grammis

Lectures at REACT EU: Digitala Musiklyftet - "Grundkurs i Logic Pro" by Musikerförbundet

Album "Den förbjudna Fruktkolan" was nominated at Manifestgalan

Lectures at REACT EU: Digitala Musiklyftet - "Lär Dig Livestreama" by Musikerförbundet

Held a Clinic in Vocal Production for NBV

Joined The Global Network for Women Music Producers [link]

Sat in Dörröppnaren Panel for "Framåt" @Trädgården

Podcast Guest @ Jobbar på en dröm [link]

Attended SVT Mello Camp

Interviewed by Lotta Fahlén for [link]

Held a Masterclass in Mixing at ODA Talks

Gave a Masterclass in Vocal Production at Musik & Talang, Congress in Vasa (FI)

Gave a Masterclass and Panel with Lars "Lati" Kronlund and Sten "Stonebridge" Hallström in Bass Production for SKAP

Podcast Guest @ Musikprodd-podden, episode 74 [link]

Joined the Spotify EQL Directory

1st runner up at Music Tech Fest's 24h Trackathon (with the track "Bad Vibes")

Became a lecturer at SAE Institute Stockholm

Started lecturing for Vem Kan Bli Producent Stockholm

Attended SVT + The Bank Songwriting Camp for Melodifestivalen

Attended SAE Song Camp 2018

Became the In-House Mastering Engineer of Cherish Label

Attended Cosmos Music Camp 2017

Joined Upfront Producer Network [link]